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Creating landmarks with GRC – GRC INDIA CO

Welcome to GRC INDIA
Creating landmarks with GRC – GRC INDIA CO

We take the pleasure in introducing ourselves as a company with expertise in creating architectural elements, art & allied works, with our forte into mold making in POP, Clay, Wood , & Rubber, finally casting the desired elements in GRC.

GRC is a versatile building material most suitable for wall cladding / facades for the exteriors as this material is all weather friendly & can withstand harsh weather conditions, this material mix consists of sand, cement, glassfibre, a mix of additives & water. This material mix is poured into the master molds which can take any detail design (wall panels, grills & jail work, cornices, columns, arches, designer & plain moldings, geometric patterns, ornamental detail designs, etc) that a Architect / Designer/ Builder may ever imagine and this when finished, is a visual treat to your eyes.

As you take a tour into our portfolio you will find different elements of art & architecture that places GRC, far ahead (in Façade cladding) when compared to other building materials in creating a landmark to reckon with.

Each work that we undertake is a masterpiece in its own making, given its concept, detail & design as imagined & designed by the Architect,, our team of craftsmen at GRC INDIA CO undertake, from the receipt of the CAD DETAILS (theme / concept / design) provided to us, to the physical construction of the pattern, the mould making & the casting of the desired element in GRC so to produce the finished product which is finally installed at site using fasteners, steel screws, brackets, steel framework etc as per the site demands & conditions.

"Seeing is believing" We take this opportunity in inviting YOU / your team to our humble work shop & display center at Wagoli, Pune to have a insight into the making of GRC from design to finish.

"So spur your imagination to create landmarks with GRC"

We at GRC INDIA CO undertake :

  • GRC manufacturing & installation works.
  • GRP / FRP - FIBREGLASS works.
  • Idols & Sculptor works in FRP / METAL.
  • Murals
  • Painting Portraits.

News company

MARCH 24-25, 2012 | CONCRETE SHOW INDIA 2012

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AUGUST 17, 2012 | Nunc porttitor

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Our team

  • Sufiyan Khokkar & team have inherited & followed the footsteps of their forefathers into the art of model & mold making business, further graduating to the GRC manufacturing process with a strong belief that no design is impossible to be given life & shape.
  • Sachin Manjrekar looking into the installation of GRC elements with a rich international experience and also having successfully executed landmark projects at Mumbai.
  • Srihari Nilkar – with over 2 decades of experience in marketing of building materials, maintains business relations with specifiers and helps in transforming / giving life to the designer’s designs / imagination into reality.

We look forward to your valued support & enquiries and assure you of our sincere effort in providing a viable offer and to be partners in creating landmarks with GRC.