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Creating landmarks with GRC – GRC INDIA CO

The process of manufacturing an element in GRC at our works involves the following process :

  • On receipt of the CAD drawings, the details are studied.
  • Necessary templates are made for the pattern making.
  • Master Pattern is made in POP / Clay / Wood /metal. (during the monsoon & winter season a POP pattern takes maximum amount of time to dry completely and it has to dry up naturally, at times some patterns do not dry even after 10 – 15 days, all we need to do at our end is wait and be patience and we expect the same from you also , so plan accordingly to avoid any inconvenience)
  • Back mold pattern is also made as of above for every element.
  • Making of the Rubber master mold (which is laid between the master pattern & back mold)
  • Making the back mold in FRP, along with properly leveled steel framework for rigidity of the mold.
  • De – molding, cleaning, sizing & providing final touches to the master mold made in rubber.
  • De – molding, cleaning, sizing & providing final touches to the FRP back mold.
  • Preparation of the GRC mix with / without pigments and casting it into the rubber molds.
  • De – molding of the GRC element from the mold, & curing the same.
  • Acid washing if needed (as per client’s requirement)
  • Final finishing, packing & transportation to site.
  • Fixing of the anchor / bolts / fasteners / brackets / steel frame work to support GRC elements in place.
  • Finally installing the GRC elements as per the detailed elevation drawings.
  • The above process has to be followed to create every element of a façade & this being the fact we request for necessary time be provided for the creation / evolution & installation of the desired GRC element.
  • A preview above say’s it all, a laborious process indeed, we give life & shape to the designer’s thoughts / drawings, we believe that for the evolution / creation of anything beautiful – time is the essence, one needs to have / be patience (provide ample time for the completion of the above processes so please plan accordingly and consult the manufacturer)

    We request the designing & specifying community to come over at our workshop and understand the process into the manufacturing of GRC, moreover our experience, makes us inform all those who intend to use GRC that consulting the manufacturer while the drawings are in the initial stage is of great relevance & importance.

  • Necessary changes could be incorporated / made in the building structure to enable / suit easy fixing of GRC elements on to the facade. This will help in avoiding any steel framework that may be necessary later on to fix the GRC elements as this will be an additional cost to the project.
  • It is important to leave a groove / gap between two different GRC panels / elements so as to avoid hair line cracks / cracking of joints at a later date. Designers need to consider this matter while designing. Our wealth of experience & trials with different bonding adhesives have not yielded positive results and we are still working hard with field trials to overcome this inherent drawback (flush / finished joints in GRC in not recommended by the manufacturer)
  • Designers / project managers need to forward cad drawings (plan, section & elevation) of each GRC element along with the BOQ for estimation moreover cad drawings (plan, section & elevation) related to the building RCC structure also needs to be forwarded so as to ascertain / understand the fixing details of the GRC elements in place.
  • Measurement of GRC / FRP elements- surface area (finished) will be the basis of measurement & estimation.
  • We at GRC INDIA CO create GRC elements on rubber molds, which involves extra cost in terms of labor & material so as to provide a better finished product, we consider our GRC / FRP finished elements amongst the best in the industry.
  • Pigmented / acid washed finishes will cost extra.
  • Our base price for manufacturing & fixing GRC elements without primary steel structure (per sq.mtr) – starts from Rs. 5000 for plain finish, Rs.5500 for pigmented works, Rs. 6000 for pigmented & acid washed, Rs. 6500 for intricate detailed designs & Rs 7000 for grills & jail designs works. These prices are for an approximate quantum of work over 1000 sq. mtrs. (steel frame work wherever necessary will have to be considered extra)
  • Scaffolding & carnage at site will have to be provided by the client / main contractor.
  • For projects outside Mumbai / Pune free boarding & lodging will have to be provided by the client / main contractor.
  • Advantage GRC

  • GRC is easily moulded to reproduce shapes, details and textures.
  • GRC’s high strength allows design of thin, lightweight cladding elements.
  • GRC can be coloured with pigments, paints and natural stone facings on being acid washed.
  • GRC cladding can replace non-structural precast concrete where weight and/or shape may be problematic.
  • GRC can be cast into fine detailed elements.
  • GRC offers designers unrivalled flexibility.
  • GRC mouldings and features are lightweight, easy to handle and install.
  • GRC does not suffer from corrosion as the casted products have no steel reinforcements.
  • GRC provides aesthetics, beauty & style in a limited budget.
  • GRC is durable & can withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • GRC offers a wide variety of shapes and surface finishes.